Silencing the computer

Looks like every goody-goody computer is not only very hot, but also very noisy. That becomes a problem when sometimes you try to use your desktop computer as a server. Or if you have too sleep near such a noisy computer. Not mentioning comfort of your work in such conditions.

Well after my last upgrade I had very hard time with my precious machine. It was making noise like jumo-jet, because I have 6 fans inside (2 in case, 2 for each cpu, 2 for each hdd). I decided to do something with that, because wroking was almost impossible.

Well, I asked several friends, and one of them told me that he had glued inside a special poliuretane mesh that was absorbing noise.

Since I had no any special poliuretane things, and I had no idea how to obtain anything like this I used.... a carpet. Actually ordinary floormate, of thickness circa 0.5centimeters. I opened my case and covered every possible inch squared with carefully cut portions of that floormate.

I put some beneath the motherboard, of course on the removable element of the case, and even on the back side - just in places where there were no PCI slots used. Well I simply covered everything inside with this floormate except for circuits and HDDs. Now my computer inside looks like a very comfortable room.

And is much more silent than jumbo-jet. Its level of noise is as just before I made that upgrade (bought 3 fans, and 2 new HDDs)

I owe an Eldrine's Case, here are the photos of silenced case:

Overall view. By the side you can see the equipment I used for silencing the computer: knife, two-sided stick tape and pieces of carpet I used.

Look closer.

And closer.

And closer

I of course couldn't omit my front case cover. A lot of noise was emitted from this side of the case.

And a case cover. It is whole covered with carpet, except for the holes on the left side - hot pentiums need some ventilation. And except the top - equivalent carpet is sticked on the case's top. There wasn't enough room for two pieces of carpet there.

After "the upgrade" firstly it was hard to open and close the case because of the carpet filling every possible gap. But soon I get accustomed to that, and the case itself also got accustomed to it. So now it's not a problem to open the case, as it was just after the upgrade.

Happy silencing your computer!