Janek Kozicki - Loop Quantum Gravity

In 2023 I started research in Loop Quantum Gravity.

Before that I was researching classical dynamics (PhD in year 2007, see below) and quantum dynamics (I got a second PhD in year 2023, see below).
Even before that, around year 2000 I was researching colonization of Mars.

My university websites

Gdansk University of Technology -- Janek Kozicki
Gdansk University of Technology -- Janek Kozicki -- bridge of knowledge
ORCID profile -- Janek Kozicki
arXiv profile -- Janek Kozicki
Scopus profile -- Janek Kozicki

Quantum Dynamics - PhD Thesis 2023 (EN)

PhD Thesis 2023 -- Numerical modeling of quantum dynamical processes

Quantum Dynamics - Master Thesis 2015 (PL)

Master Thesis 2015 - Zderzenia reaktywne na przykladzie zderzenia atomu wodoru z pozytonem

Classical Dynamics

PhD Thesis 2007 -- Discrete Lattice Model

My Software

Semi Global algorithm: time propagation of coupled Schrodinger equations with time dependent Hamiltonian
YADE on gitlab
Fast git status for linux zsh shell command line

Martian Architecture

In years 2000 - 2015 together with my wife I was researching Martian Colonization. See her PhD and papers below.

Master Thesis 2004 -- Mars Outpost
Martian Base, Large Poster 2010

Joanna Kozicka - Martian Architecture

PhD Thesis 2008 -- Martian Architecture (english)
PhD Thesis 2008 -- Martian Architecture (polish)
Low cost solutions for Martian base
Architectural design for a small Martian base